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Fruits Of  Yggdrasil


Fruits of Yggdrasil Studio is a young video game studio created by Louis “JohnnyBeGoody” Lettry in Switzerland in august 2019, but no one else than him is writing this text, so he’s gonna go with the first person onwards.

Since I discovered video games when I was 8 years old, I have always wanted to create them. The thrill of growing an idea, discovering its possibilities, pushing its boundaries and then making it come to life has always been one of the most satisfying feelings I know.

Thus after my academic studies in computer science and having finished a PhD in computer vision, I decided I wanted to continue being creative and innovative. Thus I created this studio and named it following after one of the most emblematic trees of the mythology: Yggdrasil.


Yggdrasil is the tree that carries the nine worlds of the nordic mythology in its canopy, they are its fruits in a sense. In a metaphorical comparison, I will care and tend to my tree to create and produce small virtual worlds, video games, in its branches and serve them to the many hungry players awaiting out there for sweet new adventures.


At the moment, the tree is blooming with flowers all over the place, ideas are plenty and of many colors and shapes. It is a beautiful sight to behold but nothing, yet, to eat and enjoy. I will do my best to transform as many as I can into juicy video-game fruits to be played and liked. 


In this spirit, the first flower to mature into a full game is “To Be Headed or Not To Be”, a fruit to be shared and enjoyed by two players willing to use their heads to escape from a surprisingly built mansion.

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