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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this game about ?
    “To be Headed or not to Be” is a multiplayer-only (cooperative) escape-game. Together with a teammate, you’ll have to solve puzzles and enigmas to escape.
  • Is it a game for me ?
    This experience is strongly recommended if you want to spend a few hours with a friend, thinking and solving unique enigmas together and of course teasing/trolling, a little bit, each other.
  • Is the game exclusively multiplayer ?
    Yes, the game has been designed around cooperation and communication to be enjoyed by two players. If none of your friends wants to have fun, maybe head to the game discord to search for an unknown partner.
  • Is one game key enough to play or do we need two steam keys ?
    You need 2 computers and 2 keys (one for each computer) to play the game as no split-screen mode is present.
  • How long is the game ?
    The game takes between 3 and 4 hours to complete depending on the speed at which you understand and solve enigmas.
  • What if we can’t solve an enigma ?
    If you are stuck on the same enigma for too long, tips will be delivered in game to help you. If those tips are not enough, after some time, an explanation of the enigma will be requestable ingame.
  • Where can I buy the game ?
    You can find the game on Steam
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