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We are making a new game !

You'd like to spend a day in the shoes of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft ? You enjoy running for your life in a pyramid filled with traps and secrets ?

Get your boots ready, your ticket to adventure is coming soon

Now Available on :

To Be Headed Or Not to Beis a cooperative only escape-room game. You incarnate a resurrected skeleton awakened by a failed experiment and you are not alone. Collaborate to overcome obstacles and escape the mansion to gain your freedom for this second life, or be forever kept as an experimental guinea pig.


or not


Two is better than one. You are not alone in this adventure but you will have to become one to find a way out and escape the mansion. Whisper, talk or even shout but communicating is going to be necessary and, maybe even your biggest challenge.


or not

Use your head, both figuratively and literally, to solve the puzzles and enigmas that pave your escape. Use your deduction, observation and dexterity to solve head scratching challenges that await you throughout the mansion.



for sure !


Take a break from your daily life in this one-night stand/single-evening-long game.

Pick a friend, pick a drink and enjoy a few hours of playing together. It comes with no strings attached and will be remembered as an enjoyable shared moment that doesn’t require organisation to play.



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